About Us

Under section 18 (z) of the Information and Communication Technologies Act 2001, the ICT Authority is the Controller of Certification Authorities in Mauritius. The Controller of Certification Authorities as the “Root” Authority certifies the technologies, infrastructure and practices of all the Certification Authorities (CA) licensed/recognized/approved to issue Digital Signature Certificates.

eMudhra Consumer Services Limited (eMudhra), India, is the first Certification Authority to get license from CCA, Mauritius to operate in Mauritius for issuing digital signature certificates to citizens of Mauritius.


eMudhra Consumer Services Ltd (eMudhra) was established to cater to the vast retail consumer market in India. eMudhra intends to render e-enabled services to retail consumers while leveraging on the expertise of our promoter. As part of our ongoing endeavor to enable consumers to manage their online and mobile transactions through technology enabled process and thereby changing the way they have been transacting, eMudhra became a Government of India authorized licensed Certifying Authority to provide Digital Signature Certificates in India under the brand name "eMudhra".

eMudhra’s main objectives are:
  • Empowering consumers to handle their service requirements. With the Indian consumer base showing exponential growth, the company plans to manage these increasing volumes through a focused strategy of cutting edge technology powering a non-linear delivery model that meets and exceeds the service needs of the consumer
  • A strong value proposition from eMudhra in terms of providing cost-effective and efficient services
  • Synergistically partnering with regulators through our B2C e-servicing models within a well-defined framework that focuses on effective employee enablement.

eMudhra focuses on providing services targeted at the retail end user segment. Our focus is to create IP based solutions and combine it with our reach and back office capability to provide an end to end solution to retail customers in areas such as online financial services, centralization of information repository and enabling the Indian consumers. We aim to use technology as the key foundation/ enabler for these services in order to bring in a fundamental shift in the way business and transactions are conducted and provide associated process and cost efficiencies to the end-customer.