Get all the questions you have related to Digital Signatures answered in this section. This section addresses all your queries regarding DSC, their applicability and usage, procurement and regulatory implications in an easy-to-find categorized Q&A format

FAQ- Registration and Application

How do I apply for a digital signature certificate through eMudhra?

Users can submit their application to their nearest RA (Registration Authority) to obtain Digital Signature Certificate. eMudhra CA has tied up with Mauritius Post as RA which has wide reach in Mauritius.

What are the different steps involved in processing an application for a Digital Signature Certificate?

Processing of Digital Signature Certificate Application comprises of just two steps:

  • Phase 1 - Application, Payment & Document Submission
  • Phase 2 - Download of the Digital Signature Certificate

Phase 1 - Application, Payment & Document Submission

You can download application form directly from this website: Click here OR Get the application from RA by making the payment and submit the necessary documents as specified in the application form to the Registration Authority i.e. Mauritius Post.

Phase 2 - Download of the Digital Signature Certificate

After successful verification of the application as well as supporting documents, eMudhra will send an email containing download credentials for Digital Signature Certificate. Logon to eMudhra portal and download digital signature certificate on to the token using the credentials.

Why do I need to submit documents for a Digital Signature Certificate?

A Digital Signature Certificate has almost the same importance in the digital world as your Passport or Driving License does in the physical world. Therefore, all information displayed on your Digital Signature Certificate needs to be verified before issuance.

What are the documents I need to submit to get a Digital Signature Certificate?

The following documents are required

For Individual

  • Attested copy of any one of the following as Identity Proof
    • National Identity Card
    • Passport
  • Attested copy of any one of the following as Address Proof
    • Telephone Bill
    • Electricity Bill
    • Water Bill

For an Organization

  • In addition to the above documents, authorization letter in favor of the digital signature certificate applicant from the organization
  • Domain Name registration proof from the registrar of Domains (if applying for Server Certificate)
Do I have to be physically present for verification of identity when my application is being processed?

Physical presence is mandatory for verification of applicants seeking Digital Signature Certificates.

What is the reason for refusal of my request for a Digital Signature Certificate?

eMudhra follows stringent verification procedures as laid down by ICTA. Refusals to issue a Digital Signature Certificate are commonly due to incomplete application, information or wrong information.

Can I be sure that my confidential information will not be misused during enrollment for obtaining a Digital Signature Certificate?

eMudhra has a strict policy on the use of applicant and customer information. eMudhra will not disclose such confidential information, except as required by the law.

I have submitted my application for Digital Signature Certificate, but now I have decided to cancel my request. Will I get a refund?

No, the eMudhra CA does not provide any refund of fees paid for the digital signature certificates.