Our Solutions

eMAS (eMudhra Authentication Server)

eMudhra Authentication Server is a pluggable server with strong access control to online applications and maintains records of transactions. eMAS offers a list of features like effective authentication, integrity, non-repudiation , hence most suited for applications which require high level security.


  • Highly flexible and scalable.
  • Requires no client-side software installation.
  • Enables the customers to digitally sign transactions, verify signatures and archive the same so that the organization can pursue legal recourse at a later date in the event of disputes regarding the signed transactions.
  • Plug and play
  • It does not require any API changes or manual configuration to be done
  • Multiple database support
  • Authentication can be done against any database or LDAP systems
  • Independent Authentication policies
  • Users can choose the authentication method required. It can be username-password or username and DSC
  • Multiple Log On prevention
  • Flexible Authorization policies

eMudhra Web Signer

eMudhra Web Signer, an online form signing solution can be easily integrated into the existing workflow. The solution supports the signing of Text, Image, XML and PDF forms. The solutions can be customized according to the needs of the clients enabling them to reap maximum output out of the implemented solution.

Product Features

Web Signer is a set of signing components developed as a Java applet.

  • F&T (File and Text) Signer- File (zip, doc, xls, ppt etc) and text signing follows PKCS7 standard.
  • XML Signer- XML signing follows W3C standards.
  • PDF Signer- PDF signing follows Adobe PDF signing standards.
  • XML and PDF signature details can be viewed with their respective editors like browser, Acrobat reader etc as signature is embedded within the documents.
  • F&T signature details cannot be embedded within the to-be-signed (the data signed on) files or text. The signature details can be viewed only with the help of set of api's/webservices provided.
  • Web signer applets will run with JRE 1.6 and above at the client.

eMudhra SecMsg

SecMsg is a revolutionary mobile solution designed to secure the SMS channel of communication and thereby taking the mobile messaging beyond basics. Messages sent using SecMsg are encrypted using globally accepted strong encryption method called PKI [Public Key Infrastructure] and ensures that the messages is decrypted only by the intended user. While SMS is one of the most preferred mode of communication, businesses and banks are conservative in using the SMS channel considering the security and confidentiality issues. SecMsg provides a layer of security that banks and businesses can consider to send and to receive highly critical and confidential messages through SMS channel. SecMsg is a simple to implement solution, supports most of mobile phones and takes only minutes to install. Communication of confidential information by enterprises, authenticating online transactions and Peer to Peer secured messaging are a few usages of SecMsg.

Banks/Financial Institutions can

  • Send ATM PIN, Internet password and transaction password through the secure SMS channel.
  • Use SecMsg as 2-Factor authentication to secure all online transactions.
  • Send confidential alerts to the customers like end-of-day statements, account balance, margin money requirements, credit card transaction, banking activities.

Telecom Companies can

  • Introduce secure peer to peer messaging to its retails customers as a value added service (VAS).
  • Extend secure communication channel for CUG [closed user group] and permission based marketing.

Government Agencies can

  • Introduce secure and confidential communication to mobile work force such as police, Special Forces and other sensitive agencies such as defense, R&D and intelligence.


  • Uses SMS Technology
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Low implementation cost
  • Read confirmation
  • Remote destruction of data
  • Network and device agonistic

ePDF Signer

ePDFSigner is a desktop application that makes it easy to use digital signatures, and strong encryption on business documents. By using ePDFSigner, anyone can easily sign or protect a business document. These might be internal or external financial, HR, legal, sales and marketing, support services, compliance, R&D, or consultancy documents.

ePDFSigner Features

  • Applies digital signatures and signature fields without the need for Adobe Acrobat
  • Signatures are interoperable with Adobe products
  • Signing can be done from smart cards/crypto tokens or PKCS#12 files
  • Sign, encrypt and email in two easy steps
  • Visible signature field can be added to a PDF
  • User interface for creating and changing signatures settings
  • Permissions for changes to the document can be set
  • Bulk signing of PDF documents

ePDFSigner SDK

eMudhra also offers ePDFSigner SDK which brings advanced digital signature capability to PDF documents, using a server-side solution that requires no installable client side software. ePDFSigner can be integrated to the system through APIs, Web service or command line approach.

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